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Why, and FAQs
Proteins are one of three
macronutrients we consume in our food.
Arguably it is the most important, as they
are the building blocks for the body.

Go Home the Same Day with New
Joint Replacement Technique


on’t live with chronic pain
if you don’t have to.” That’s
the advice from Tommy
Voegeli of Morganton who had his
left hip replaced in April and had
surgery Monday morning to replace
his right hip.

“Living with chronic pain is no
way to live,” said the 65-year-old.
“It exhausts you, it makes you ill,
you can’t do things with people that
you like to do. You can sit at home in
a chair for only so long. I don’t have
that many decades left to get back
out there.”
Providing motivation for a quick
recovery are Voegeli’s grandchildren.
Today, grandson Parker is home with
his “Grangran.” The two planned to
eat ice cream all day since Parker
had his tonsils taken out the day
before. “My ambition is to get back
to hiking and take this little fella
to Table Rock, Shortoff, Hawksbill
and Harper’s Creek,” he said of the
landmarks in Burke County. “He
needs to see them, and I want to be
the one who shows him.”
The second motivation is his
beautiful backyard with an abundance
of flowers to attract butterflies and
birds. “I’ve been able to piddle some,
but it really needs work,” he said. “I
haven’t been able to weed it like it
should be.”
Voegeli doesn’t know what
caused his hip joints to deteriorate
but his doctor told him he needed the
operation three years ago. “I jokingly
tell my friends that I did a lot of
dancing in off-Broadway shows when

I was young,” he said. “Seriously, I
don’t know why my hips have gone
out. I kept putting off surgery.”

When he could stand the pain no
longer, he called Christopher Daley,
MD. “He’s a sharp guy,” Voegeli
said. “He asked me if I would like to
have day surgery and then go home
without spending the night in the
hospital. Of course, I said yes.”
Dr. Daley performs a new kind
of hip replacement called an anterior
hip approach at Carolinas HealthCare
System Blue Ridge that is considered
day surgery. “Instead of being on
their side during the operation, we
have patients are on their back,”
Dr. Daley said. “We don’t cut any
muscles or tendons; we’re just
moving them apart. So, the incision
is much smaller, there’s arguable
less pain and quicker recovery - all
measures we look for to have a
successful surgery.”
In addition, an X-ray machine
and computer software guarantee the
correct position of the replacement
components, he adds.
Voegeli expressed his appreciation
for the surgeons learning new
treatments. “Hip replacement is an
advancement that has happened
in my lifetime,” he said. “We’re
very fortunate to have this surgery
available locally, that can be done
outpatient and not have to go to
Charlotte or Asheville.”
Although the surgery can last
many hours, Voegeli said his family
and friends were amazed when

There are 20 total amino acids,
eight of them are essential and must be
obtained from what we eat. This is where
nutrition comes into play. We must look
to a sound diet of mixed proteins in order
to satisfy what our body needs to rebuild,
replenish, and recover.

he was walking out the hospital
door to return home the very day he
had surgery.
“I got immediate relief,” he said.
“I had a little pain at the incision but
the pain shooting down the leg was
gone. Right now, I have good range
in my leg. It’s not as strong as I’d
like it to be but that’s because my
right leg isn’t strong. After this next
surgery, I’ll get where I want to be.”
Yes, with the success of that left
hip surgery, Voegeli went ahead
and scheduled hip replacement
for his right one. “Living with
chronic pain, I’ve learned to make
accommodations. I can’t put my
socks on without an adaptive tool
and since I can’t bend over to tie
shoes, I have been wearing slip-ons
all the time. And now, Dr. Daley
tells me I don’t have to live with that
pain so I’m really anxious to get to
that point.”
He credits Dr. Daley’s scheduler
Donna Bradford for keeping him
straight on appointments, physical
therapist Anna Russ for getting
him on his feet on a regular basis
and finally, all the caring staff at
the hospital.
“I’m glad I went to Dr. Daley,”
he said. “I liked him immediately.
He’s very personable.”

Grandchildren, from left, are: Beckett Olsen, Carter Phillips, Parker Olsen
and Jackson Olsen.

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One aspect
regarding protein
that often gets
neglected is
variation in the
diet. Each source
of protein we
consume has
varying amounts
of protein subunits
called amino
acids. These
subunits are
integral to our body’s ability to grow and
develop. Amino acids are responsible for,
but not limited to:
• Giving the body structure
and strength
• Building hormones and cell
signaling molecules
• Building enzymes
• Building immune system chemicals
• Building transport proteins

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The sources SHOULD vary. Limiting
your protein intake to one source is not
feasible over the long-term. Your body
can actually build an intolerance from
eating the same thing over and over.
Remember that the human body is the
most amazing machine ever created and
it is very intelligent (naturally).
Here are some frequent questions I
get asked every week, regarding protein
intake and sources:
So, what should I do to ensure I am
getting ample amounts of protein from
varying sources?
Very simple. Eat around 1 gram of
protein per pound of body weight (it can
vary depending on health/fitness needs).
Make sure it comes from multiple
sources, not just one. Mixing in different
kinds of leaner meats can help, as animal
proteins are the most beneficial types of
proteins to our body. Thank our ancestors
for that gift.
Dairy is also highly overlooked,
because most people think it will
make them gain weight. Fat free Greek
yogurt is an excellent source of protein
(generally 20-25g per cup which is
similar to one medium chicken breast).
You just have to find what works
for you!
What are your thoughts on Protein
Powders/Bars, Amino Acids, etc.?
Simple answer is, they have a time
and place. Are they beneficial? Yes!
Should you take them as an end-all
source of protein? No!
Whole food sources are always the
best FIRST option, because we are
hard-wired for that (again, thank our
ancestors). I tell most of my clients
to use protein powders as an easy snack
or filler, AROUND meals, NOT as
a replacement.
Also, if you take protein powders
AND amino acids, you’re wasting
money. Both are essentially the same
thing over the long run; they just have
been broken down to simpler forms,
so your body can digest them quickly.
They both serve the same purpose.
Proteins are critical for human
cellular regeneration, also known as
living. You are composed of around
30 trillion cells. Think of all the protein
needed to rebuild ALL of those cells.
How can my body do all that with just
1 gram per pound of bodyweight?
Because your body is a miraculous
machine; It requires protein to survive.
(Joshua Lail, ACSM-CPT, is a
Precision Nutrition Level I Coach at
Phifer Wellness Center.) | 828-580-5000