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CHIMNEY ROCK — For the past 15 years, Groundhog Day has become a family-fun, annual tradition at Chimney Rock. Greta the Groundhog, the park’s furry little meteorologist, will make her yearly spring prediction, as well as her Super Bowl pick, at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2.

Visitors can stop by the Animal Discovery Den to witness whether Greta sees her shadow or not. According to legend, there will be six more weeks of winter if she does, or there will be an early spring if she does not. Immediately after her prediction, Greta also will choose the winner of Super Bowl LIV. Her predictions will be announced by Chimney Rock’s mayor, Peter O’Leary.

This is Greta’s fourth year making weather predictions at Chimney Rock State Park. Her accuracy is currently at 66 percent for spring prognostications. For Super Bowl picks, however, she is currently only 1-for-3. Some say her admiration for Tom Brady has clouded her previous football judgement. So far, Greta is off to a good start, though, as she is averaging a higher accuracy rate than the 39 percent of infamous Punxsutawney Phil. This year, we are excited to see what fortunes she will be revealing to us about 2020.

After Greta’s time in the spotlight, families are invited to take part in festive Groundhog Day crafts, meet some of Greta’s animal-ambassador friends and enjoy a guided hike along the Great Woodland Adventure. Families will enjoy several interactive stations and learn animal facts about native woodland critters along the trail.

This event is included with regular park admission. For more information, visit ChimneyRockPark.com.

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