BCUW REMC donation photo

Employees of the Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation are pictured making a donation to the Burke County United Way.

Burke County United Way recently celebrated its long-standing partnership with Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation and the cooperative’s financial support of the organization.

“Just as you can count on REMC to provide reliable, and high-quality services to their customers, the company and its employees demonstrate their commitment to the Burke County community,” said Maureen “Mo” Schwind, executive director of BCUW.

BCUW’s electronic records go back to 1997. Since that time, REMC and its employees have contributed more than $93,398. The company increased this year’s pledges by 7 percent over last year’s campaign. On average, REMC employees give $287 per capita, placing this corporation’s giving status at the Gold Level.

Their monetary investments have assisted Burke County United Way with meeting needs and creating a positive impact in the community for more than 20 years, allowing BCUW’s partner agencies and their programs to:

» Feed the hungry

» House the homeless and provide transitional housing and case management services

» Receive primary and dental care for the uninsured

» Provide substance use/misuse education, treatment and prevention

» Build handicap ramps for persons with mobility issues

» Offer literacy tutoring and workforce development training

» Foster positive adult role models to mentor youth in the community

» Provide rape and sexual assault advocacy, education and therapy

» Deliver arts and cultural education and camps for impoverished youth

“We believe it’s important to support our community and we can trust that the United Way, through its processes, assures us our contributions are getting the biggest bang possible,” said Jeff Brittain, vice president of engineering at REMC. “That allows us to focus on what we do best — provide exceptional electric service to our members.”

In addition to monetary contributions, REMC provides opportunities for its employees to volunteer on special subcommittees, such as the emergency food and shelter program (Melissa Bryant, office manager) and provides volunteer teams of builders for the organization’s Day of Action projects. Brittain has served as a board member at the executive level of BCUW and has vetted agencies through the budget and allocations process.

“Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation’s commitment to United Way and the Burke County community demonstrates the value of working to meet community needs,” Schwind said. We are proud to partner with this great company and its employees.”

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