Listed information, including addresses, has been gathered from arrest and incident reports publicly available at area law-enforcement agencies. If your name appears here and your case was dismissed or you were cleared of the crime, let us know by calling Editor Lisa Wall at 828-432-8939 or by emailing

No mugshots available for:

» Richard Todd Frady, 36, of 5142 Smawley Ave., in Morganton, was charged with misdemeanor unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and two counts of felony possession of schedule II controlled substances and . He was transported to the Burke County Jail and placed under a combined $21,000 secured bond. His trial date was set for July 20.

» Emillio Jesus Villareal, 22, of 5873 Jenkins Road, Lot 17, in Morganton, was charged with felony intimidating or interfering with a witness. He was served at the Burke-County Jail where he was being held pending other charges. He was issued an additional $15,000 secured bond.

» Leo Deodato Edmondson, 45, of 215 Glendale St., A4, in Morganton, was charged with felony possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver and felony maintaining a dwelling, vehicle or place for drugs or controlled substances. He was issued a $6,000 secured bond and released. His trial date was set for June 1.

The following mugshots are taken from the top bond amounts from the week of April 5-11:

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