From Staff Reports

“Reflections on Humanity and the Holocaust,” a group art show inspired by stories from the Jewish Holocaust that took place during World War II, is on display at CoMMA now through Friday, Aug. 24. The show is open to visitors during CoMMA’s normal business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

The show is part of the “Art Responds to History” project, an international initiative that seeks to create conversations in the community using art as a common language. The show’s organizers have made the exhibit interactive by providing comment cards visitors can use to write responses to questions such as, “When you think of the Holocaust, what comes to mind first?” and “What can be learned today by studying the Holocaust?” The responses are hung on the wall with the artwork.

Local artists participating in the show include:

» Andrew Atkin

» Julie Bagamary

» Nancy Berry

» L. Michelle Bitler

» Alan Darveaux

» Sara Dobbs

» Eugenie Fein

» Wendy Hammerstone

» Marsha Hoffman

» Brandon Holcombe

» Janice McDonald

» Mark Poteat

» Mark Schmerling

» Nils Skudra

» Jim Smith

» Elizabeth Anne Volger