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After Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant told commissioners on Tuesday he doesn’t think he can operate a new jail with the number of positions allocated in the proposed 2019-20 county budget, officials seem to have come to an agreement on an appropriate number.

The proposed county budget for next year would keep the tax rate the same, even though the county is looking at an overall 7 percent tax revenue increase due to a property tax revaluation this year.

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It’s been a long time coming and much work has gone on to get to this point. Come June 21, the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics will break ground on its Morganton campus.

The leadership of the Burke County of Chamber of Commerce is excited about new staff members they have assembled to serve the business community. The positions are new and will bring a team approach to the operation of the Chamber. The goal of the Chamber is to serve local businesses and org…

The Olive Hill Community Economic Development Corporation Inc. is asking the community to help in its mission to “empower struggling residents to succeed in today’s economy.”

January is a tough time to get aggressive about a job search that got stalled back in November, but it’s the right time to re-start your engines. What can you do that you’ve not already done? Get back to basics.

Most job seekers have a separation story that would make a clown cry. And, it is told far too often when the seeker is given the opportunity. Thereby shrinking the possibility of a friend or stranger wanting to know more about how to help in the job search.

With 8 more shopping days left until Christmas, how many of us have already spent more money than we wanted or really needed to spend? Let’s pause for a moment, and instead of spending money let’s spend some time considering a couple of the best gifts we can give and receive this holiday season.

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania — On a stage in a conference hall in central Pennsylvania, at least 14,000 years after humans domesticated wolves into dogs, Milena Kon was turning a dog into a gazelle. And an elephant. And a lion. And a giraffe.