The president must go

It appears that there probably will be an impeachment of the president by the House of Representatives. It is also probable that the Senate will be faced with a decision to remove him or declare him innocent of the charges.

If he is not removed but declared innocent by the Senate, the next president or person running for president, Democrat or Republican, will have the authority and blessing of this Congress to obstruct justice and abuse their power in the future.

Those who read this and feel that the “media lies” please ignore the media and go directly to the facts. Read the following reports and documents: Whistleblower’s nine-page complaint; inspector general’s seven-page letter, finding the whistleblower’s complaint as credible; hear the acting head of the Department of National Intelligence, installed by the president, testify before Congress that the whistleblower followed the law and did everything properly; and read the summary of the phone call prepared by the president’s staff, and the president’s own admissions. It would also not be burdensome to read at least the 14-page summary of the facts on obstruction of justice in the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a registered Republican. You can find all these original documents with your computer on the web.

Think of what the next president can do if there are no consequences and doesn’t have to worry about being removed. If our president is not removed, future presidents will feel they have a green light to do as they please because we did nothing. Think about that.

Steven Lian


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