Case Farms writes $100,000 check to NCSSM

NCSSM's Lamar Smitherman and Case Farm's Charles Rigdon commemorate the $100,000 donation.

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) announced Wednesday a $100,000 donation from Case Farms to support the school’s new campus in Morganton.

Having operated in the region since 1988, Case Farms is highly invested in the community and employs more than 1,000 people in the Morganton area.

Case Farms’ $100,000 gift will help fund development of the new campus that will open in 2021 and provide a cutting-edge education for high schoolers from across the state.

NCSSM-Morganton promises academically talented students from anywhere in North Carolina the opportunity to study advanced classes with top faculty and mentors in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields with a focus on data science.

“This new campus will help mentor the next generation of leaders and we are honored to support the school’s vision,” said Charles Rigdon, senior vice president of operations at Case Farms. “Case Farms knows the importance of education and we hope our donation will help provide opportunities for students in this community and across North Carolina for years to come.”

NCSSM’s expansion to Morganton is generating new opportunities for people and businesses to partner with the institution to enable the innovative programming and infrastructure that is a hallmark of the NCSSM experience.

“We are so grateful for Case Farms’ investment in our new Morganton campus which is yet another example of the incredible support we are receiving from the local community,” said Kevin Baxter, director of Western Campus Planning for NCSSM. “We are thrilled to build our new campus in Morganton, not only bringing the promise of NCSSM to hundreds more students, but also serving as a catalyst for economic development in the region beyond.”

NCSSM is engaged in a capital campaign that includes a goal of raising $10 million in private donations to support the construction of the Morganton campus. To date, the NCSSM Foundation has recorded more than 250 gifts that total more than $7 million in support of NCSSM’s emerging campus in Morganton.

For more information about the development of NCSSM-Morganton, including information about the capital campaign, visit

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