A woman has been accused of backing her car into someone after they spoke to her fiancé at Walmart on Sunday.

Jessica Nicole Bravo, 27, of Hickory, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with a minor present and assault inflicting serious injury or with a deadly weapon, according to an arrest report from the Morganton Department of Public Safety.

The arrest came after a woman said Bravo hit her windshield, cracking it, and backed her car into her, the report said.

The woman told police that she recognized Bravo’s fiancé and spoke to him. When she was checking out to leave, the woman said Bravo approached her and told her not to talk to her fiancé again, the report said.

When the woman went outside to get to her car, she saw Bravo walking toward her and said she punched the windshield and cracked it near the top of the passenger side of the car, the report said.

Bravo walked toward Golden Corral, so the woman followed her to get a license plate number while she was on the phone with 911 operators, the report said.

While the woman was standing behind Bravo’s car, the woman said Bravo put the car in reverse and backed into her, almost hitting her son, the report said. The woman reported that the car hit her in the abdominal area and pushed her into another car.

The woman said Bravo’s car also hit another parked car, but the driver of that vehicle left before police arrived, the report said.

An officer said Bravo admitted to busting the windshield of the woman’s car, the report said.

Bravo’s bond was set at $2,000 secured. She has a court date set for Oct. 23.

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