Deborah Simons, co-owner of Your CBD Store of Morganton, squeezes CBD oil into water.

After a year in business, Morganton’s Your CBD Store is going to celebrate.

That means a ribbon-cutting ceremony, giveaways and more this coming Tuesday at 11 a.m., after the business’s decision to join the Burke County Chamber of Commerce.

“We finally took the time to join the chamber, so they’re going to come out and do a ribbon-cutting,” said co-owner Shaun Simons, who owns the store with his wife, Deborah. “We’re going to have a food truck out in the parking lot, too. We’re going to do some giveaways and some door prizes for the about the first 20 people.”

As one of the first CBD shops in the area, Your CBD Store has had to deal with some stigmas and some gray areas over the first year, but Simons said some new legislation has really opened up the business’s possibilities.

“It’s been good for us, but it’s been a little up and down, I guess,” he said. “When we first opened up in October, CBD was still kind of a gray area from a legal standpoint. Then, the new farm bill that was signed in December of 2018 kind of opened the industry wide-open to everybody.

“Now, stores and shops are all popping up trying to carry some kind of CBD product. So, the competition has increased extremely, which is good, but a lot of the competition that is out there is very low-quality products. I think a lot of customers don’t understand that yet.”

Simons said that because Your CBD Store was one of the first such shops in the Morganton area, many customers have shopped with them first. That has made it easier to educate folks about CBD products and to do business, he said.

“Word-of-mouth travels really well with customers who are doing well with the products,” Simons said. “It spreads really well. But I think there are a lot of people out there advertising cheap CBD products. It’s just not really the case anymore from a quality standpoint.

“There is no such thing as a cheap, high-quality CBD product. Curbing that, I guess, has probably been the most difficult challenge.”

Simons said where Your CBD Store is concerned, that positive word-of- mouth has centered around the good quality of products the shop offers. Many of the store’s customers have tried CBD products from other stores that didn’t work for them, he said, but learned of what he believes are better options when they came into his store.

“The main difference is not between brands, but between isolate CBD products and broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products — the pluses and minuses of all of them,” Simons said. “I think that’s what a lot of shops and stores don’t really take the time to explain to people. They just pass off milligrams on a bottle and say, ‘Here you go,’ with no real information on the product, where it comes from, where it’s sourced and stuff like that.

“That’s been a big thing in the news here recently. We try to really do a good job of educating the customers and letting them know where all the products are made.”

Simons said he prefers CBD over traditional pharmaceuticals because he likes the idea of taking an all-natural product over something that is manufactured synthetically in a laboratory.

“I think these plants were put on this planet for a reason,” he said. “If we can find usefulness for it and health benefits for it, that makes sense to just use those instead of something that’s an imitation.”

Simons encouraged people to come check out the store so he can work with them to educate them on the shop’s CBD products, find the ones that might work best for them and to weed out the low-quality products they may be using.

He also wants to encourage customers to choose natural products over synthetic CBD.

“There’s been a lot of talk on the news about synthetic products in the area, across the state of North Carolina, as well as across the country,” Simons said. “That’s something that we always tell people to be very careful and mindful of. Generally, if it’s a cheap CBD product or being advertised as a cheap CBD product, the likelihood of it not actually having the content of what it’s advertised as is very high.

“The likelihood that it’s not made in the U.S. from organically grown products is very high, as well. That’s kind of what they’re seeing across the state, too. We don’t generally run into that issue because everything in the store is organically sourced or grown. We’ve got 500 stores, so we’ve got a bigger footprint on the industry and a responsibility to make sure that we provide the best quality products we can to the customers instead of cheap knockoff products.”

Morganton’s Your CBD Store is at 302 Burkemont Ave. For more information, call 828-475-6887 or visit bit.ly/2kTvV9X.

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