Man on top of Sonic

A man is back at the hospital after he climbed on top of the roof at Sonic Friday morning.

Travelers headed to work Friday morning may have gotten an eyeful from a man who was reportedly standing on the roof of Sonic, naked.

Blake Patton, of Morganton, said he was headed to work around 6:30 a.m. and stopped for gas on South Sterling Street across from Sonic Drive-In, just off of exit 105. He said that as he pulled into the gas station, he heard someone yelling.

“He said, ‘Hey! Over here! Over here!’ and I looked across the street and saw some guy standing naked on the roof of Sonic.”

Patton said the man was yelling obscenities, looked like he was swatting at something that wasn’t there and throwing something that Patton thought sounded like bottles.

“He was hollering something about the election,” he said.

Patton said he was afraid that his car would get hit by one the bottles the man was throwing, so he took a photo just in case.

“I guess he realized what I was doing because he covered himself when I snapped the picture,” Patton said.

In order to get back onto Interstate 40 after getting gas, Patton had to make a U-turn and drive right by Sonic, and that’s when he took a short video of the nude man, which shows him waving at traffic.

Patton said he’d told the gas station attendant about the man and asked her to call the police.

Capt. Devinney with the Morganton Department of Public Safety said the man had been involuntarily committed as was being treated at a nearby hospital but had left.

He said by the time officers arrived, the man was clothed and cooperative.

“We took a firetruck over there to get him off the roof, and he came down on his own,” Devinney said.

The man apparently had used a roof access ladder to get on top of Sonic, according to Devinney. He said it appeared as though the man had taken a nap, woke up and became very confused and agitated when he couldn’t get back down.

Devinney said there wasn’t any reason to believe the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and he was taken back to the hospital after the incident.

Since the man was involuntarily committed, his name will not be released. Devinney said charges will most likely not be filed.

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Staff Writer Amanda Higgins can be reached at or 828-432-8941.

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