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Breathe Yoga and Wellness co-owner Janna Kropelnicki cuts a ribbon at the business' new location while surrounded by others from Breathe and representatives from the city of Morganton.

Breathe Yoga and Wellness is just a few blocks farther down the street, but it may make all the difference for the business.

The studio recently shifted from 131 W. Union St. to a larger space at 115 W. Union St. in downtown Morganton. For Breathe, more space means more classes available for its students.

“We like that it’s a lot bigger,” said Janna Kropelnicki, who co-owns Breathe with Marie Carey. “It’s giving us more space, so we’ve got more room for our classes. It sort of suits us better. It’s a much older building, and it’s beautiful on the inside.

“It’s got brick walls and we’ve redone the floors. It just gives everybody a lot more room to move around and the flexibility to offer bigger classes.”

The building at 115 West Union formerly was a drug store, Kropelnicki said, and the building’s owners recently have transformed the unused upper floor into Airbnb vacation rental spaces.

“Some of our students have actually remembered walking home from school back in the day when it was a drug store,” Kropelnicki said. “There used to be a soda fountain in there, and they’d stop and get stuff from the soda fountain.”

From sodas to yoga, the new location is a good fit for the long term for Breathe.

“When we bought the business — this is actually the one-year anniversary of us buying the business last year — we didn’t think we were going to be able to renew the lease in our previous space,” Kropelnicki said. “We wanted a long-term lease, and they weren’t going to be able to do that for us.

“So, we ended up having to find space, and it just so happens that one of the people who’s a student who takes yoga from us was the owner of this building. She offered it to us, and it was definitely more space. I think it’s a little bit better location for us. It’s a little bit quieter down on this end of the street.”

Breathe Yoga and Wellness offers about 30 classes per week. In addition to traditional yoga classes, Breathe offers $5 yoga classes for seniors and about eight Pilates classes per week, a service Kropelnicki said many may not realize the business offers.

The number of classes at the studio has grown greatly under the last year under new ownership.

“It’s definitely grown a lot. We’ve done a lot more outreach on social media, so we’ve grown quite a bit,” Kropelnicki said. “We’ve got a lot more students to start. We’ve expanded the number of classes that we offer and the times that we offer them. We’ve added classes on the weekend and more lunchtime classes. We have a lunchtime class every day.

“That’s helped us really grow and be more attractive, I think, to people in the community because it’s more flexible for their schedules.”

Those who are interested in signing up for classes at Breathe can just drop in, Kropelnicki said. Signups are not required ahead of time, but folks can go to the business’ website at breatheyogawellness.com to see a class schedule or sign up.

“That’s kind of the beauty of being in a small town and having a small-town studio,” Kropelnicki said. “We’ll have people from Charlotte saying, ‘Do I need to reserve a spot? Is the class going to sell out?’ We don’t ever sell out, which is good.

“People can just drop in and take a class, and we can explain to them the different packages we have as far as pricing and how often they’re going to come in.”

In the month or so Breathe has been in its new location, the response has been very good.

“The feedback has been very, very positive, especially moving into the new space and allowing us a little more room” Kropelnicki said. “The additional classes we’re offering and the bigger variety of classes have been very well-received by the community. We’ve attracted new people, and that’s been great.”

Kropelnicki also noted how much students love Breathe’s instructors. Along with Kropelnicki and Carey, who also teach, the studio’s instructors, as listed on its website, include Jo Alberts, Erica Baxter, Christi Bristol, Martha Bumgarner, Peggy Carter, Rhonda Cook, Emily Elder, Kelly Hawkins, Dee Hiller, Karin Novak, Larisa Scott, Kelly Treiber, Rebecca Toman, Lizzie Warfield and Darrell Watson.

For more information about Breathe Yoga and Wellness, call 828-475-5775.

Justin Epley can be reached at jepley@morganton.com or 828-432-8943.

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