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Sherry Smith (left) trims Margaret Simpson's hair Tuesday ahead of an executive order from Gov. Roy Cooper for all hair salons and barber shops to close Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The news no small businesses wanted to get came Monday when Gov. Roy Cooper announced some businesses would be forced to close Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Emily Cruz, salon manager at Great Clips in the Morganton Heights Shopping Center, said she thinks the company will bounce back.

“It’s uncertain, everything is,” Cruz said. “But we know we’ll always bounce back. We usually always do when things like this happen.”

There is some concern for how it could affect individual stylists.

“The difference between us and the salon downtown is that we’re not paid the same,” Cruz said. “A lot of our income is based off of tips, so that really affected us when business slowed down, just individually.”

But Cruz has faith it will work out.

“We have faith in our company, we’ll be all right.”

Sherry Smith, who also works at Great Clips, said she thinks the closure will have more of an impact on those who rent booths.

“I’ll say booth renters, because I’ve been in this business for 20 years, it’s very sad knowing that they have to walk away from their job with no income,” Smith said. “Booth renters are gonna get it worse than we are.”

Cruz said the company has put measures into place to look out for employees.

“Our company has done above and beyond to make sure to set us up for assistance if we ever need it and done what they could to help us and prepare us for what’s ahead,” Cruz said.

She said while the company has been open over the last couple of weeks, the corporate office has been making sure to up the ante on sanitizing everything.

Margaret Simpson, who was getting her hair trimmed Tuesday, said she wanted to squeeze in a hair cut before the closure went into effect.

“For me, it was basically like coming here and getting my hair cut as quick as possible before I can’t get it cut,” Simpson said. “I have twin boys that are 6 and I try to keep my hair a little bit shorter than usual.”

The shop has been busy this week, with customers coming in for last-minute haircuts before everyone is forced to shutter their doors until the pandemic draws to a close.

“I guess I haven’t had much time to process the news,” Cruz said. “We’ve been non-stop since (Monday).”

But come closing time Wednesday, Cruz expected there to be a bit of shell-shock as the doors shut for the last time until the order is lifted.

“I think we’ll all miss this place,” Cruz said.

In the meantime, they’ll wait on the governor to give permission reopen.

“We’ll be back open as quick as they’ll let us,” Cruz said.

Britney Schwartz Austin, who works at RIAH 103 Salon & Spa, said she’s worried that the shut down will cause her to get behind on bills.

“I’m really concerned with getting behind on my bills now that we’re shut down for quite some time,” Austin said. “I’m also concerned for how much extra work it will be for all of us when we do finally come back. I hope people will wait for us and put the box dye down.”

Hearing that she wouldn’t be able to work for a while was tough, Austin said.

“It was really hard to hear,” Austin said. “For those of us in this industry we don’t get paid vacation time or do ‘take out’ services. When we’re aren’t at work we don’t have any income.”

While she waits on word from the governor that it’s safe to reopen, Austin said she’ll spend time with family and working on projects around her house.

Chrissy Murphy can be reached at cmurphy@morganton.com or at 828-432-8941. Follow @cmurphy MNH on Twitter.

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