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WPCC salary database, 2018-19

Western Piedmont Community College
Adams, Gergana V. FT Instructor, English 54,918.00
Adams, Terry L. FT Administrator - Bridge Prog 36,996.00
Aldridge, Leslie A. FT Workforce/Pro Dev Assistant 38,628.00
Angley, Robert W. FT Instr, Human Serv/Sub Abuse 47,250.00
Arney, Monica F. FT Controller 62,040.00
Bailey, Christopher C. FT Curr Div Assistant 32,748.00
Barron, Dori . FT Director, Financial Aid 55,728.00
Berley, Susan A. FT Dir, Institutional R&E 63,780.00
Berry, Anita J. FT Benefit/Recruit Specialist 38,724.00
Berry, Beverly W. FT Instructor , Medical Lab Tech 51,732.00
Berry, Joshua S. FT Career Coach 39,384.00
Biddix, David K. FT Director of Marketing 49,044.00
Bobo, Michelle D. FT Instructor, Nursing 50,013.00
Bowman, Laura L. FT Accounts Payable/Equipment Specialist 35,736.00
Bradshaw, Rachel E. FT Instructor, Medical Assisting 52,110.00
Branch, Carla D. FT Payroll Specialist 40,368.00
Brewer, Diana E. FT Instructor, Nursing 50,094.00
Brisson, Ruth A. FT Circ/Admin Technician 39,684.00
Brittain, Robert W. FT Maintenance - Mechanic/Electri 43,620.00
Brown, Star P. FT Instructor, Accounting 61,587.00
Buchanan, Gregory S. FT Instr, Comp/Elect Eng Tech 40,653.00
Buff, Joy L. FT Dir College/Career Readiness 65,352.00
Cantwell, Evgueniia M. FT Instructor, English 49,176.00
Caroway, Jeremy K. FT Maintenance - Equipment Operat 30,276.00
Carpenter, Harry E. FT Instr, History & Social Scie 51,390.00
Carswell, Linda J. FT Director of Purchasing 52,104.00
Chaney, Wesley C. FT Counselor CCR/Coord Sec Edu 40,932.00
Chapman, Jenna M. FT Instructor, Cosmetology 52,116.00
Childers, William M. FT Instr, Compr Infor/Web Tech 58,995.00
Childres, Matthew G. FT Instructor, English 44,838.00
Coates, Tonya L. FT Instructor, Accounting 53,883.00
Coleman, James R. FT Dean, Technology & LR 74,112.00
Colliander, Betsy D. FT Instructor, Office Systems 49,320.00
Crawford, Rhia W. FT VP for Academic Affairs 119,364.00
Crumpler, Jonathan T. FT Instr, Digital Effects/Anima 55,278.00
Curry, Susan C. FT Proj Asst - Student Services 37,176.00
Dale, Jason P. FT Instructor, Web Technologies 57,672.00
Dale, Timothy P. FT Maintenance-Carpenter 36,960.00
Daniel, Nancy L. FT Library Director 53,856.00
Daniels, Michael B. FT Curriculum Dean 85,200.00
Davidson, Laura E. FT Instructor, English 43,803.00
Demiter, Anissa R. FT Instructor, English 49,176.00
Dixon, Daniel K. FT Instructor, Criminal Justice 60,858.00
Doyle, Terry A. FT Instructor, Social Sciences 47,250.00
Duckworth, Brenda L. FT Instructor, Mathematics 47,943.00
Dula, Hillary B. FT Instructor, Cosmetology 61,008.00
Dula, Laurin N. FT Financial Aid Technician 31,788.00
Dunnagan, Katie M. FT Financial Aid Counselor 34,788.00
Durham, Kathy F. FT Exec Asst to the President 54,372.00
Farley, Kristi R. FT Academic Programs Coordinator 40,152.00
Ferguson, John C. FT Instr, Prof Crafts Wood 45,351.00
Fisher, Judy B. FT Examiner, HS Equivalency 40,488.00
Freeman, Melissa A. FT Division Assistant 37,272.00
Frost, Thomas W. FT Instructor, Mathematics 52,083.00
Furse, Thomas R. FT Crd/Inst Customized Training 50,592.00
Gaither, Grady E. FT Facility Service Aide 25,488.00
Gardner, Kasey M. FT Instr, Early Child Ed Pr 53,550.00
Giese, Teresa H. FT Instructor, Nursing 48,636.00
Glover, Tammy S. FT Instr, Dental Assisting Prog 52,119.00
Graham, Zebedee T. FT Chief of Security & Safety 48,048.00
Gray, Ronald M. FT Director, Maintenance 55,344.00
Grubbs, John B. FT Instructor, Mathematics 50,589.00
Hall, Robin C. FT Assistant Controller 41,796.00
Harris, Bryan S. FT Instr, Industrial Sys Tech 57,006.00
Harrison, Randolph C. FT Instructor, Psychology 52,785.00
Helmick, Michael S. FT President 182,711.00
Hensley, Garry B. FT Instr, Machining Technology 52,677.00
Hightower, Valerie M. FT Curr Div Assistant 32,748.00
Hildebran, Candis R. FT Computer Support Technician 36,768.00
Hogan, Joan P. FT Director, Records & Reg 59,940.00
Hoilman, Sandra K. FT VP Admin Services/CFO 114,636.00
Holder, Vicki L. FT Career Counselor 46,332.00
Hoover, Kathryn E. FT Instructor, English 44,109.00
Howells, Jessica M. FT Instructor, Biology 46,926.00
Huffman Oaks, Cathy L. FT Instructor, Office Systems 49,320.00
Huffman, Karen C. FT Registration Technician - Cu 32,532.00
Johnson, Stacey A. FT Instructor, Chemistry 59,580.00
Jones, Valerie M. FT MIS Assistant 40,320.00
Jordan, Max Y. FT Instructor, Welding 57,285.00
Joy, Annette B. FT Director, Career Testing Ser 47,448.00
Kaylor, Wesley D. FT Registration Technician - Cu 30,672.00
Keller, Deanna M. FT Disability Access Asst/Inter 38,496.00
Kincaid, Shannon D. FT Instructor, Biology 52,704.00
Kiser, John R. FT Instructor, Chemistry 49,320.00
Kiser, William L. FT Dean, Continuing Education Adm 98,820.00
Lanier, Karla M. FT Coord, Disability Services 46,500.00
Leak, Vondra W. FT Asst Director Financial Aid 46,260.00
Logan, Yvette C. FT Registration/Def Driv Tech 30,132.00
Long, Courtney N. FT Instr, Professional Crafts 50,013.00
Lowdermilk, Kayla N. FT Accts Receivable Specialist 31,284.00
Machovec, Margaret M. FT Instructor, Nursing 52,551.00
Maney, Wendy E. FT Adm Asst to Vp for Adm Serv 44,724.00
Mauney, Lisa G. FT Director, QEP/Coord, ASC 55,104.00
McGimsey, Eddie C. FT Director - SBC/Entrepreneurshi 58,236.00
McNeely, Ann M. FT Curriculum Dean 80,820.00
McPeters, Hope L. FT Collections/Payroll Speciali 37,236.00
Miller, Kyle W. FT Computer Support Administrator 48,480.00
Miller, Lisa . FT Dir Grant Dev & Admin 50,316.00
Miller, Patsy D. FT Coord, CCR/ESL 48,204.00
Mills, Brian T. FT Instr, Paralegal/Crim Justic 45,180.00
Moore, Michael L. FT Instructor, Biology 45,801.00
Moua, Jennifer K. FT Financial Aid Counselor 39,120.00
Moulton, Steven J. FT Instructor, Criminal Justice 51,570.00
Nestor, Emily B. FT Director, Distance Learning 49,164.00
Nile, Teah G. FT Educational Resourse Facilitat 41,880.00
Norris, Nancy E. FT Director, MIS 69,876.00
Nutt, Robin S. FT Division Assistant 37,728.00
Pardue, Johnathan L. FT Instr, Simulation & Game Dev 42,516.00
Patton, Jennifer S. FT Director, ETS 52,128.00
Payne, Sarah L. FT Instructor, Mathematics 44,829.00
Pellatt, Mark E. FT Instructor, Social Sciences 51,606.00
Pitman, Brandon K. FT Instructor, Horticulture 53,586.00
Pittman, Timothy M. FT Administrator Media Services 55,512.00
Pons, Clarissa T. FT Div Assistant - Student Serv 30,900.00
Poteat, Mark B. FT Instructor, Visual Arts 54,702.00
Presnell, Kara K. FT Inst, English & Communicatio 52,236.00
Pritchard, Karen R. FT Director, Assoc Degree Nursi 66,324.00
Propst, Jennifer N. FT Director, Enrollment Managemen 51,348.00
Queen, Donald R. FT Instructor, Engr Technology 54,153.00
Quinto-Ellis, Linda G. FT Instructor, Psychology 46,188.00
Rasmussen, Kristina J. FT Bookstore Manager 39,300.00
Rector, Virginia D. FT Computer Support Technician 35,328.00
Reed, Jessica R. FT Career Coach 38,256.00
Ritchie, Sherilyn M. FT Instr, Mech Engr Tech 48,951.00
Roberts, Meagan M. FT Instructor, Sustainable Ag 47,475.00
Roberts, Naomi G. FT Instructor, Mathematics 47,952.00
Saturno, Nicola L. FT Safety Regional Trainer 76,602.00
Seals, Mary A. FT Instructional Tech Admin 40,320.00
Selman, Jimmi S. FT Registration Technician - Cu 30,672.00
Sessions, Lisa H. FT Director, Human Resources 64,488.00
Sholar, Stacey B. FT Dir, WP Foundation/Mark Sup 39,300.00
Shuping, Vicki S. FT Instructor, Medical Assisting 42,669.00
Smith, Amanda M. FT Bookstore Tech II 30,828.00
Spath, Michael C. FT Instructor, Biology 50,706.00
Stamey, Angela R. FT Educational Resourse Facilitat 44,556.00
Steelman-Bridges, Danette . FT Instr, Interpreter Education 52,083.00
Stewart, Tina E. FT Network/Computer Support Tech 32,508.00
Story, Stoney D. FT Instr, Bldg Construction Tec 50,742.00
Strand, Keith A. FT Network Administrator 43,260.00
Street, Eric L. FT General Maintenance 28,704.00
Surby, Lisa D. FT Instructor, Nursing 46,899.00
Tallent, Mary C. FT Bookstore Tech I 28,572.00
Thomas, Stacey H. FT Instructor, Nursing 51,525.00
Thompson, Larry R. FT Instr, MacHining Technology 44,325.00
Vasile, Robert A. FT Inst, Computer Info/Web Tech 50,706.00
Vegter, Sam E. FT Instr, Bus Adm Inistration 48,636.00
Warren, Steve R. FT Director, BLET 76,188.00
Weiner, Michelle H. FT Coordinator, CCR/LEIS DS 44,304.00
Wells, Ashley L. FT Curr Div Assistant 34,260.00
Whisnant, Mark A. FT General Maintenance Mechanic\ 39,396.00
White, Thomas A. FT Instructor, Physics 56,835.00
Wilkes, Chadwick A. FT General Maintenance 28,356.00
Williams, Cathy F. FT Registration Technician - Cu 39,204.00
Williams, Dakota M. FT Admissions Coach 37,320.00
Williams, Susan M. FT Dean , Student Services 73,272.00
Willis, Emily G. FT Coord, Student Act & Recruit 35,340.00
Wilson, Donald R. FT Instr, Physical Education 45,180.00
Winfree, James K. FT Instructor, Mathematics 44,946.00
Wright, Katharine M. FT Instr, Therapeutic Recreatio 45,990.00
Yang, Jaaia C. FT Project Manager 42,840.00

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