GRANITE FALLS — Almost two months after the shooting that sent Caldwell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jordan Sherrill to the hospital, he is thankful for a few things — his God, family and friends.

“My family has been very supportive, they want me to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’m sure it worries them, though. The sheriff’s department has been really supportive and everyone has been behind me, and that’s helped out a lot,” Sherrill said.

In an effort to show their appreciation and gratitude to the young deputy, the Tri-County Motor Speedway in Granite Falls invited Sherrill to be their grand marshal for Saturday night’s race.

“Tonight is my first time being at this track, but it’s really an honor to come out and be part of this,” Sherrill said.

Sherrill said he has returned to work, and is on light duty for now. “I started this past Monday, and I get to go back to regular patrol in about a month. I’m very happy and blessed that I’m able to go back,” he said.

Sherrill said being in law enforcement wasn’t a lifelong dream of his. “To be honest, I never really got into it, but one day I got the chance to do a few ride-alongs with the sheriff’s department and I got hooked on it from there.

“I feel like it was more of a calling, because one day I found a Bible verse and ever since then I’ve felt that this is what I was called to do.” Sherrill added the Bible verse he found was Psalm 82:3-4.

Coworker and friend Brad Haas was also at the speedway with Sherrill, and expressed his thankfulness for his friend’s quick recovery. “I’m glad he’s back at work and had a speedy recovery. God has blessed him, and it’s a blessing to have him here still.”

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Emily Willis is a general assignment reporter at the Hickory Daily Record. 


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