Pictured are North Liberty School staff members and a wheelchair ramp they built.

Though schools are closed and classrooms are empty, teachers and staff at North Liberty School have found a way to positively impact the community.

Lisa Summey, principal at North Liberty, learned that one of her students, Jasmine Powell, was in need of a handicapped wheelchair ramp at her home. Jasmine had to be carried through her front door and it was a hardship on her parents.

After approval from the family, Summey reached out to Foothills Service Project for assistance.

“There is a need that the community has and we are able to help build something that they need” Summey said. “It has been very nice for us to be able to help, to see it all come together and see the person ride down the ramp for the very first time.”

“We don’t give our teachers and teachers assistants enough credit because they are a huge part of these students’ lives and because they have a student that needed something,” said R.L. Icard, director of Foothills Service Project and member of the Burke County Board of Education. “That is why their heart went out to it. To me, it is exciting to see them want to reach the community.”

The giving did not stop after building Jasmine’s ramp. The North Liberty staff since has helped build six different ramps for others in need in the community.

“The hearts of these teachers and staff members is a great reminder of how much our teachers care for our students even when they are not in the classroom,” said Larry Putnam, BCPS superintendent. “I am grateful for teachers who go the extra mile to make sure their students are safe and cared for.”

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