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Judge's Riverside Restaurant and the Catawba River after a recent heavy rain event. 

County officials are reminding people to put safety first as Tropical Storm Florence moves through the area.

"Due to the possibility of heavy winds and rain entering our area, now is not the time to be out on any body of water, this includes rivers, lakes, streams, etc. or to be out hiking," a press release from the Burke County Emergency Services office said. "It takes just 6 inches of rushing water to knock an adult off their feet and with the threat of high winds and rain the risk of trees falling is significantly increased.

"It is important to keep your safety as a high priority during severe weather events such as Tropical Storm Florence. Neglecting your safety can lead to serious injury and puts an increased strain on emergency services personnel."

Florence is expected to move through the area tonight and remain until Tuesday. Wind gusts could be up to 50 mph and the area could receive 10 to 15 inches of rain, a release from Caldwell County said.

In addition, Caldwell County officials are asking all churches to cancel their services Sunday morning and evening.

"There is the possibility of major flooding, power outages and high wind events," the release said. "We encourage churches to cancel their morning and evening services along with extracurricular activities due to Hurricane Florence.

"We request that churches consider the safety of the pastors and attendees but also the safety of emergency responders when making their decision."

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