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The Burke County Board of Elections is holding two free public seminar sessions on voter ID on June 24.

It’s been challenged in court but come 2020, the state is preparing voters to show identification to election workers before they cast a ballot.

The Burke County Board of Elections will hold two educational seminars about voter photo identification requirements at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, June 24, at the Burke County Board of Elections Office. The board of elections office is located at 2128 S . Sterling St . in Morganton.

The seminar is free and open to the public, according to the information from the elections board.

Voters won’t need photo ID for this year’s election in November, said Debbie Mace, director of elections for Burke County. But come the March primary election in 2020, voters will be required to provide photo identification before they vote. This includes both in-person and by-mail voting, with some exceptions, the information says.

When someone registers to vote, the information provided by them, including their driver’s license, is checked by election officials. Everything has to match, Mace said.

The North Carolina Board of Elections says state law requires each county board of elections to hold at least two voter identification seminars before Sept. 1. Those who attend the seminar also will receive information about voting options, including absentee-by-mail, early voting and Election Day voting, according to the information.

In addition, information about provisional voting, the availability of free North Carolina voter ID cards and residency requirements for voting also will be provided, the information says.

As for this year’s election, candidate filing for the board of education and municipal elections starts at noon on July 5 and ends at noon on July 19, according to the state board of elections.

The Burke County Board of Elections is hoping voters will turn out for this year’s election like they do during a presidential election year. During the last presidential election in 2016, 73 percent of registered voters in the county cast a ballot, according to the local elections board.

However, local municipal elections in 2017 only saw 10 percent — 5,950 — of registered voters cast a ballot, the board information said. As of Tuesday afternoon, 52,730 people are registered to vote in Burke County, according to information from Mace.

“Become a motivated voter ready to cast a ballot for our local officials and realize the power of you cast vote,” said a statement from the board. “With early opportunities, finding a time to cast a ballot has become much easier.”

For more information on the voter ID requirements in North Carolina, visit

For questions about the seminars, contact the Burke County Board of Elections at 828-764-9013 or


Sharon McBrayer is a staff writer and can be reached at or at 828-432-8946.


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