MDS new years tastings

Two students at Morganton Day School taste different New Year’s foods from around the world.

First- and second-grade students at Morganton Day School were given the unique opportunity to experience New Year’s traditions and dishes from around the world, without stepping outside of their school.

Mrs. O’Hagan and Ms. Priest prepared a variety of foods traditionally served in other countries on this special holiday.

Students were encouraged to try each dish, ranging from Hoppin’ John to dried figs and dates.

“What I learned from this activity is that people in different countries have different traditions for New Year’s Day,” said first-grade student Ella. “I didn’t know that before.”

The book “Shante’ Keys and the New Year’s Peas” was read by O’Hagan to the students. The story gave students a further understanding of customs, as well as what special meanings are associated with certain foods in other countries.

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