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Big Foot obtained his education in the cosmetology program at McDowell Community College.

Dr. John Gossett, president of McDowell Technical Community College, made a surprise announcement Tuesday about a famous North Carolinian in advance of Saturday's Big Foot Festival in Marion, North Carolina.

"Very few people know it," said Gossett, "but Big Foot is a graduate of McDowell Technical Community College and a special part of the McDowell Tech family.

"While many people don't believe in Big Foot, we've always believed in him, and most importantly, he believes in himself. When he came to us, he was a bit shy, but he didn't let that stand in his way. He overcame several cultural obstacles during his time here, but we are so pleased that he chose McDowell Tech to complete his degree program."

In making the announcement, Gossett and his staff also released a short video about Mr. Foot and his time at McDowell Tech. In the video, Gossett praised Mr. Foot, or Big, as his friends at McDowell Tech know him, for following his dream, believing in himself and working hard to achieve that dream.

"That is what we ask of all of our students at McDowell Tech, and that is why we have so many success stories," he said.

Gossett encouraged others who want to follow in Mr. Foot's footsteps to contact McDowell Tech today to begin the application process for spring semester. "They can also visit our website at and follow the online application instructions," Gossett continued.

McDowell Tech will have a large booth at Saturday's Big Foot Festival and is one of the festival's major sponsors. The college will have representatives of the Esthetics Department demonstrating hand massage techniques, and others providing information about all of the college's degree programs.

But Gossett saved the biggest announcement for last.

"We are proud to be part of Saturday's festivities honoring Big Foot and have arranged with Mr. Foot to be at our booth most of the day on Saturday greeting festivalgoers and taking pictures with them. For the kids, we will offer small 'Polaroid-style' photos with Big Foot so that they can have a cool memento of the occasion to save or post on their bedroom wall."

Gossett and his staff encourage folks to watch the McDowell Tech Big Foot Story and follow Mr. Foot's roadmap to success: Believe, Dream and Achieve.

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