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Johnny Allen Kaylor, 50, was shot during the raid after 25 minutes of negotiations.

“The suspect would never get up, never show his hands,” Whisenant said Wednesday. “We spent about 25 minutes in negotiations with him. He kept telling officers, ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to make you kill me.’”

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Investigators seized 273 grams of methamphetamine, plus some prescription drugs and marijuana after a SWAT raid Wednesday.

“An officer told him multiple times, ‘I do not want to shoot you,’” Whisenant said Wednesday. “But for the officer’s safety and the entire SWAT team’s safety, when he made that one movement very quickly, we had no idea if he had a gun in his hand or not, so the SWAT officer did what he had to do.”

While BCSO deputies don’t currently wear body cameras, Whisenant said his office has advocated for them in budget requests, and hopes to get them to help with investigations such as the one into Wednesday’s officer-involved shooting.

“We have car cameras and they have been a significant asset for us,” Whisenant said in a text message.

Whisenant said he understands the county commissioners have to prioritize and weigh funding requests with limited funds, but he wished he had body camera footage of Wednesday’s shooting.

“Without knowing if they had a firearm pointed at them the entire time, [the SWAT team] gave the suspect multiple opportunities to comply,” Whisenant said. “Not until the suspect told the SWAT officer ‘I’m going to kill you or you’re going to kill me’ and made a sudden move did the officer fire.”

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