College accredited and dedicated

Western Piedmont Community College celebrated the news of its full accreditation with a dedication ceremony held on Sunday, May 4. The school received the accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. A number of faculty and staff from WPCC, including President Gordon C. Blank, traveled to the SACS offices in Atlanta, Georgia, to receive the decision, after an application process that took two years.

The dedication ceremony featured former North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford as keynote speaker. “Western Piedmont Community College is one of the results of North Carolina’s faith in itself,” Sanford told the crowd of more than 500 people.

Recreation center expands programs for girls

The Morganton Recreation Department has expanded the activities it offers for girls ages 9-14 at the Collett Street Recreation Center. Clinton Foust, the city’s recreation director, has employed Beverly Greear to lead the girls in free daily activities, such as softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and billiards, as well as special activities from time to time. Greear also will lead a pre-school children’s program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and a program for girls ages 6-8 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Baby boom celebrated at hospital

Grace Hospital had much to celebrate on Friday, May 2, as eight women gave birth there. The happy families include:

» Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman, who had a boy

» Mr. and Mrs. Lester McKinney, who had a girl

» Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Rector, who had a girl

» Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Farris, who had a girl

» Mr. and Mrs. David Carswell, who had a boy

» Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carswell, who had a boy

» Mr. and Mrs. Steven Taylor, who had a girl

» Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chapman, who had a girl

Mayor re-elected

Mayor Paul S. Cash was re-elected following Election Day Tuesday in Morganton, along with Donald C. Lambeth, Morganton City Council member representing District 4. Cecil J. Saunders, Sr. was elected to represent District 3 on the council, defeating incumbent Arthur B. Darwin. The results were confirmed after a recount, which was requested by Cash’s opponent, J.H. McCombs, Sr.; Bill Gibbs, District 4 candidate; and Saunders. The request was made in light of a number of “spoiled” ballots found, as well as additional ballots that raised the total in the council contest after the mayor’s race was counted.

Director leaves company

Betty Fisk Baily has announced her resignation as publicity director at Drexel Furniture Company after working there for nine years. She said she is retiring and had no future business plans. In her role at Drexel, she led a national publicity campaign, coordinating with magazine and newspaper editors to promote Drexel furniture. Prior to working at Drexel, Baily held editorial positions with other home furnishing companies and won a Dorothy Dawe award from the American Furniture Mart in Chicago in 1956 for “the most outstanding home furnishings editorial coverage in a magazine in that year.”

Among us Morgantonians: J. Gordon Queen

A section of S. Green St. has real nice buildings. The newest one is the Dr. William R. Wellborn, Jr. structure. It houses Dr. Wellborn’s offices and the Hood Pharmacy. Other nice buildings in the area are Tux Bowers Motor Co., the Bell Telephone building, Mull Furniture Company and Hallie’s Shop. There are others further up and down the street, but these are in a huddle in what we call “Midway,” that particular spot being halfway to the Depot.

Yes, Morganton is proud of our community college. Sorry we were not able to attend the open house Sunday.

Come to think of it, today is Election Day. Vote as you please, but vote. And to cap it all, the Hoxie Brothers Circus will be here this week at the Burke County Fairgrounds, sponsored by the Jaycees.

We are wondering when some of the local businesses will be facelifted. Better get hep (sic.). Others are moving in. To be sure, some of our local buildings have pretty fronts.

Cliff Avery tells us the roses at Broughton Hospital should be in bloom in another week. The rose garden is a sight to behold when it gets in all its glory.

Do you remember when a Mr. Osgood taught a large singing school in Morganton? When Downie and Wheeler’s Circus exhibited here? And when R.S. Runion operated a grocery on the main drag? Whatever became of that large vacant lot on East Meeting Street? Oh yes - sure - that lot is now the site of our Huffman Hosiery Mills.

Did you know that years ago, there was a feed mill on North Sterling Street, in one of the buildings now housing Kimbrell’s Furniture Store?

The News Herald archives are stored at the History Museum of Burke County at 201 W. Meeting St. in Morganton. For more information, contact the museum at 828-437-1777.

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