Governor Bob Scott has announced the reappointment of Dr. Edward W. Phifer Jr. of Morganton and the appointment of Dr. Gordon Dugger of Chapel Hill and Wautaga County to the executive board of the State Department of Archives and History.

The two men have been appointed to six-year terms on the board. This will be Phifer’s second term of office. Dugger suceeds Ralph P. Hanes of Winston Salem.

Phifer is a Morganton surgeon. Dugger is currently chief of the department of surgery at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.


RALEIGH (UPI) - - Thirty years ago, Edwin C. Guy became a rookie in the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Today, he took over as commander with the rank of a full colonel.

Gov. Bob Scott appointed Guy a lieutenant colonel during the weekend as he boarded a plane for the National Governors Conference in Colorado.

Guy, 52, succeeds Col. Charles Speed, who has been reassigned by Scott to head the Governors Highway Commission.

Guy joined the patrol in 1939, and except for a three hitch in the Army, has been a career policeman. He served as a major and director of the enforcement division and commanding of Troop F in Asheville.


Mrs. Inga Warrick, a native of Iceland who has served on the staff of Dorthea Dix Hospital in Raleigh since 1962, assumed the duties of rehabilitation director today at Broughton Hospital.

“We are pleased to have her on board as a staff member,” said Dr. Olen Freeman, superintendent , in announcing her appointment.

At Dorthea Dix, she had been director of industrial therapy since 1964. Freeman noted that her tenure there had made her familiar with the procedure of the Department of Mental Health and with recreation and rehabilitation activities over the whole state.


Infantry training: Guy Corpening Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Corpening of Yellow Mountain Road, is training with the second Battalion, Fifth Brigade at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Previously, he completed basic training at Fort Bragg. He is a 1962 graduate of Olive Hill High School.

Owen Joe Chester, son of Mr. and Mrs. Atlas A Chester of 508 E. Union St. in Morganton, and Billy Wayne Birchfield, son of Mr. and Mrs Harry Lee Birchfield of 104 Brookside Street in Morganton, enlisted in the United States Marines recently and were shipped to Parris Island for recruit training. Both men attended Morganton High School and worked in local plants before enlisting. After recruit training, the two will go to Camp Lejune for three weeks training and then home for a 20-day leave before reporting back for technical training.


The Welcome Wagon is a national organazation. Bleecker Harbison is the local representive or hostess. Bleeker came by the house the other day and showed us what each new family recieves. It is suprising to see the many items newcomers get. The items are furnished gratis by local merchants and businesses. This is a wonderful project, and the work really keeps Bleeker on the go. But she enjoys her work.

Come to think of it, building permits issued during July were enough to keep us saying “Morganton will grow whether we like it or not.” Keep the good work going boys and girls.

That new tank beyond Broughton - - does it belong to the city or the state? Anyway, it is a big one.

Yes, we have more plant sites in and around Morganton. Who said we have enough industry? We just cannot get too much. So using the words of a local businessman, “Come on.”

We have eyes and ears open for good news. Good news to us is a little bit more of everything? We will be seeing you.

Do you remember when Ron Garrison operated a shoe shop in the basement of his home at the corner of South Sterling and West Meeting Street . .. and when R.L. Huffman was mayor of Morganton? ... Whatever became of that sheet metal service station on South Greene Street? ... Oh yes - - it is long gone, removed to make room for the Mimosa Theatre … Did you know that years ago, there was a near beer saloon just across Hunting Creek, then just outside the corporate limits.

This article is sponsored by the History Museum of Burke County, the archives of The News Herald are stored. Jimmy Rhyne is the researcher of the archives.

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