Giving ‘em Fitz: J.D. Fitz, publisher

» Shuey Field dedication

Andy Kistler has been busy as a beaver lying up the program for dedication for Shuey Field the Sunday after Oct. 5. Smoky Burgess, a popular major baseball player from Forest City, will take part. Mark your calendar to be present.

» Like a letter from home

Students away from home report that they enjoy reading The News Herald....Why not call our circulation department today.

» NCSD 75th Anniversary

The North Carolina School for the Deaf will be 75 years old in October....Look for a special edition of The News Herald that will have the many features of NCSD from the start to the recent.

» Fashion Problem

Bill Conley, the banker, comes through with this tall tale:“Well, so you’re lost,” said the kindly policeman to the frightened little boy, “Why didn’t you hang on to your mother’s skirt?”

“I tried,” sobbed the little fellow,“but I could reach it.”

» Billy Arthur Reports

I want to tell this stinker of a story before someone beats me to it:

A turkey showed up at UNC football practice and asked for a tryout. He not only threw 50-yard passes, but he flew through the air to catch them. “You’re great,” said the coach.“You are on the team for the whole season. We will get you a granting aid.”

“I don’t want any grant,” said the turkey. “All I want is a guarantee the season will last past Thanksgiving.”


G. Maurice Hill Jr. today announced his withdrawal from the insurance business to devote full time to his work as a wholesaler for Texaco Inc.

Hill recently was appointed consignee or wholesaler in Burke and McDowell Counties for Texaco Products for automotive and home use. His appointment accompanied the acquisition of the business of F.W. (Rip) Slusser, who died recently.


The Burke County Fair , Sept. 29 to Oct. 4 , promises to be a bigger event than ever before.

Actually, festivities will get underway the Saturday prior to the Monday opening with the Miss Burke County Fair Beauty Pageant. This will be at 8 p.m. in the Morganton High School auditorium, said Clinton Foust, member of the board of directors of the Burke County Fair Association. Each member of the Ruritan Club will be represented by both a junior and a senior contestant. Both queens will be crowned Monday at 7 p.m. at the fairgrounds. They will reign through the week.

The gates will open Monday at noon for spectators, although all exhibits may not be in place until the 5p.m. deadline.


Another business to be in the Wes Mor Shopping Center will be Miller’s Pharmacy. This does not mean Miller’s will leave the A&P Shopping Center, but according to the management , the Wes Mor store will be another Miller’s Pharmacy for the city. Donald Miller and Jack Alexander, heads of Miller’s, evidently believe without a doubt that “Morganton will grow whether we like it or not.”

It has come to us by the grapevine that Al Bracey is now doing public relations with Ben Whisnant at the Northwestern Bank. He is talking a blue streak, it is said, and his comment is,“I love this work and I love people.” Just like Al.

The Avery-Norvell Company has a permit to build a four-apartment building on Willow Brooke Drive. We need all the apartment buildings and residences we can get. We could easily use at least 200 new homes.

Come to think of it, that 16-story prison off Burkemont Road will be the tallest building between Ashville and Charlotte.

This article is sponsored by the History Museum of Burke County where the archives of The News Herald are stored. Jimmy Rhyne is the researcher of the archives.

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