Three American prisoners of war were released by North Vietnam and have arrived back in the United States : Air Force C pt. Wesley L.Rumple, 26, of Oroville, California, Navy Seaman Douglas B. Hegdahl, 22, of Clark, South Dakota and Navy Lt. Robert Frishman, 28, of Santee, California.


Col. Robert B. Rheault, former Commander of U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam, and seven of his subordinates have been arrested on a charge of planning and carrying out the murder of a Vietnamese civilian near the central coast city of Nha Trang 188 miles northeast of Saigon.


The children of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Page honored their parents , who celebrated their golden anniversary with a reception July 13 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Taw. Sheppard on Zion Rd. The couple was married July 1919.

Each of their five children was present for the occasion. They are Kelly Page of Winston- Salem, Mrs. T.L. Wilkerson (Juanita) of Richmond, Virgina, Allen Page of Valdese, Mrs. TW Sheppard (Merrill) of Morganton and Mrs. James Wortman (Janie) of Hendersonville.

Nine of the eleven grandchildren also were present. The home was decorated in the traditional white and gold. Refreshments were served by the granddaughters to the many guests who called.


Morganton Mayor Paul S. Cash signed a proclamation proclaiming Sunday as Family Reunion Day in Morganton. Also present was Marvin Folger, president of the Burke County Kiawanis Club. The Burke County and Morganton Kiawanis Clubs are joining with Kiwanis Clubs throughout the continent.


Valerie Page Councill is the latest contestant to be announced for the Miss Morganton pageant by pageant co-chairmen Jim Webb and Avery Erwin.

The two night event , which is sponsored by the Morganton Jaycees, is all set for Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Morganton High School auditorium. There will be evening gown, bathing suit and talent competitions.

Renee Cline, the reigning Miss Morganton, will crown her successor on Saturday night.


Dr. Charles Weaver, the new superintendent of Burke County Public Schools, was sworn in this morning by Kenneth D. Daye , assistant clerk of superior court. Prior to coming here, Weaver was superintendent of Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools.


Despite showers on the final night, the 20th annual Drexel Community Fair set a record attendance, or near record, before bowing out Saturday night.

Bill K. Mull, fair president, said attendance for the week was conservatively estimated at 25,000. He added that officials considered it a successful fair.

“We probably had more people than we ever had before, certainly since the era when automobiles were given as attendance prizes,” he said.

The fair was hurt a little by Saturdays showers. The first stopped about 6:30 p.m. after raining cats and dogs , and the crowd didn’t start turning out in numbers until about 8 p.m . Then another shower came around 11 p.m., 20 minutes before the climaxing fireworks display by Charlie Eller, whose grand finale was only slightly dampened by the rain.


Here is another photo of a well known Morganton citizen - can you identify t he picture? Is it a boy or girl? We believe you will have a little trouble with this one, as the subject is not seen too much downtown, but used to be around more often.

Remember, the first person with right names will win a dollar bill. No telephone calls - all guesses must be made in person at The News Herald offices.

Moon call- weekend rates: “Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you from the Oval Office at the White House. This certainly has to be the most historic call ever made from the White House. ”

These words mark the beginning of the longest long distance call ever made . The call was bounced off satellites from the White House to the moon. President Nixon talked for two minutes to Aldrin and Armstrong on the largest party call in history, with millions listening from around the world .

This article is sponsored by the history Museum of Burke County where the archives of The News Herald are stored. Jimmy Rhyne is the researcher of the archives.

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