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On Dec. 17, I and several hundred other lucky Burke Countians were delivered a treat in the form of "On a Cold Winter's Night," the Winter Concert of the Freedom High School Choral Arts, conducted by Mr. Robert Summerell. What an experience! Somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 formally attired young men and women delivered some fantastic sounds with a variety of choral music, along with some gifted pianists and select musicians. this was my third in a series of wonderful choral concerts this season, preceded by the Hickory Choral Society and our own Burke County Combined choirs, and I must say, my most enjoyable of the three.

Although never having had a single music lesson, I say all of this from the perspective of one with a great deal of personal choral experiences some 50-plus decades ago. These talented kids did all of this from memory, not having a single sheet of music in front them. I can't impress upon you enough how difficult this is, especially considering that several of the pieces were in Latin and one of them was in German.

Mr. Summerell was definitely in control of all of this. He looked like he was having the time of his life, and the kids did also. They never took their eyes off of him while singing and their entries and cutoffs were perfect.

It was also great to hear a new song composed by James Gossler, who accompanied it on the Piano. Jim, as many of you know, is the retired former choral director of Freedom High, and he received a rousing ovation from the performers and crowd after his selection was finished.

I didn't see a lot in the way of advertising for this event, but that is just as well, since there were no more seat available -- standing room only!

Bravo to the kids and to Mr. Robert Summerell!

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