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Some would say that you have achieved the pinnacle of success. You have done so by cheating, lying and bullying. You admit as much in your book “The Art of the Deal.” You cling to your power by inciting international and interracial hostility. You live in a world of “winners” and “losers.” Winners are defined as those who are born into wealth and are, as you have said, “too smart” to serve in the military and to suffer torture like your nemesis John McCain and to pay taxes like the rest of us.

Everyday news comes of a new initiative in your war on immigrant children. Now there’s a show of strength! You give lip service to patriotism and use our flag in the service of your agenda. One thing I do know is that you won’t win forever. There’s only one who has defeated death, and He did so by being born of a poor immigrant, by teaching and leading in the way of humility, love and peace, which is the diametric opposite of everything that you stand for. Despite the results of the last election, love does trump hate.

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