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Donald Trump’s latest assault on his oath to the Constitution of the United States of America involves his extorting Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

Trump supporters and enablers would have been screaming bloody murder if Obama or any other Democrat had done or said 25 percent of what Trump has done or said, beginning with the comment about shooting someone on 5th Avenue and not losing any support.

Trump in playing his supporters like a $2 banjo. He is in the White House snickering about how his supporters would follow him off a cliff like Lemmings.

Trump’s number one banjo player is the attorney general “Bungalow Bill” Barr. Barr is Trump’s phantom personal attorney. He is definitely not the country’s attorney general.

I implore my fellow Burke Countians to remove their red MAGA caps for thinking caps.

Trump and “Bungalow Bill” are awful banjo players.

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