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During 2012-13, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed hundreds of thousands of people in 189 United States metropolitan areas. Included in the survey was a Top Ten Most Miserable category. The Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton area ranked in at No. 5.

Included in this category was median household income in which the HLM area was determined to be among the lowest in the nation. Considering the fact that Hickory and Lenoir are larger and, apparently, better managed cities with lower taxes and more practical budgets (not to mention All-American City Award recipients) where does that leave Morganton? Additionally, a 24/7 Wall Street analysis determined the typical North Carolina household earns $7,000 less than the national median income and the state has a 15.4 percent poverty rate; a larger share than many other states. Morganton being at the lower end of that scale doesn't look good, either.

One problem is Morganton's insatiable appetite for spending. They'll spend every dollar of a bloated $77 million budget plus every other dime they can get their hands on. It seems at least to me, Morganton has had mob boss rule for the last 34 years and that could be the root and origin of where we're at today.

It's time for us as hard working residents to take our city back and save what's left of a dying Morganton. A total spring cleaning of city government is needed this fall. Please, city residents and voters, consider voting for new faces and innovative ideas in the upcoming election. We don't need people tangled up with, or relics of, past administrations. Where has that gotten us? For the sake of Morganton's future and those of our children, let's start the change in the next election.

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