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I have been following the news about our current CoMMA director, and his falsehoods he has stated both on his application for employment, and the continuation of those falsehoods even after his employment with the city.

In my opinion, the truth matters. Mr. Smith stated he had a Masters Degree, he does not, and furthermore stated he had a PHD, and again, he does not.

I have since reviewed the city’s application for employment, and this is what is listed on the bottom of the application “I certify that each and every statement made on this form is true and complete and I understand that any misstatement or omission of information will subject me to disqualification or dismissal.” That’s pretty straightforward and should be enforced. To not enforce this in the case of the CoMMA director would only open the city up to not being able to enforce it on others who lie on their application.

The lies did not stop on the application, it continued during his employment. Mr. Smith said the city had been awarded a non-existent award. Not only did the city not receive the award, the award doesn’t exist.

It’s past time for the city officials to stand up and do what’s right, and replace Mr. Smith.

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