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Morganton is still taking shots at justifying Jim Smith's falsehoods and trying to backpedal and divert attention from the issue at hand and they're still missing the target by a mile.

It appears the city council is more concerned with protecting the city manager. Just because he was hired in at a paltry $70,000 a year (probably four or five times greater than what the average wage earner around here makes) or that CoMMA is so "successful" shouldn't have a thing to do with it. What they're flailing about and trying to say makes about as much sense as saying, 'Well, even though he violated the truth and honesty policy in the application process, we're going to keep him because the taproot of a dandelion weed can extend up to three feet into the ground..." It makes no sense.

I personally don't think this is an isolated incident. I believe a little covert palm greasing has been going on for a while if not a long time. I challenge the city council and manager go back to the date Mr. Smith was hired and report on how many applicants to city jobs fibbed just a little here, just a little there, or had a minor oversight on their application documents and were disqualified or denied employment. However, Mr. Smith with the full knowledge and help of the city manager was able to dodge that bullet and now enjoys a $70,000 or more a year job. (Again, great pay in this area if you can get it.)

Mrs. Sandy, I have a piece of construction paper with Hi Skool Diploma scribbled in Crayola crayon. Do I qualify for a city job?

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