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Since late last year, the local rescues, including many not in Burke County have been working hard to prove that the county doesn’t need to kill all the animals that have been dying at the Burke County Animal Control.

We have pretty much depleted our resources, both human and financial and still the animals keep coming. Many of the cats and dogs turned in to Burke County Animal Control are owner surrender. I have a major problem with that. Burke County has several venues for assistance to residents who need help paying for spay/neuter of their family pets yet there are still people out in the community who either don’t know or just don’t care.

The rescues keep figuring out ways to finance and pull animals to save their lives, but it cannot continue in this direction without more assistance from the people who live here. All will benefit from a kinder way to treat the animals that will die just because they are born.

Mostly we need adopters. People who are willing to take just one or two more animals in to shelter and love. We also need all people to make sure their animals are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Information for help can be found at Burke County Animal Control.

As long as our neighbors are bringing in the box of kittens and puppies with mom to be killed after a brief period of time, we will need to provide loving homes as an alternative. Most of us are tired of hearing the words “It ain’t my cat or dog.” Or similar defenses of why that mama cat wasn’t spayed five years ago. We are all working to save animals that are not ours. We all need to take responsibility. That includes making room for a dog or cat that will die unnecessarily because you didn’t give it a home.

With new management taking over as of Aug. 5 now would be a good time to all of us work together providing what the new people need to facilitate a smooth transition from high kill to low kill to no kill.

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