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Our draft-dodger-in-chief is at it again. It wasn’t enough that he insulted patriot and war hero John McCain before and after his death. It wasn’t enough that he belittled a Gold Star family who happened to be Muslim. Now he suggests World War II veteran John Dingell is looking up from hell simply because his widow, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, voted to impeach him. Since Trump is a phony bone-spurred coward, he’s jealous of real heroes. Unfortunately, hugging a flag onstage does not make him a patriot or a hero. No Trump family member has ever served in our military.

When it comes to impeachment, the preponderance of the evidence shows it is deserved. In public statements, he has asked for campaign help from Russia, Ukraine, and China. If left unchecked, how many more countries will he lean on for help? His cult members and defenders rely on process, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, or attacks on the other side to defend him, in the absence of real evidence. One Congressman stated that Jesus Christ received more due process against Pontius Pilate than Trump has received. In the future, if a Democratic or Republican president solicits foreign government interference in our elections, I hope that president would also be impeached.

One constant in Trump’s campaign and presidency is his obedience to Vladimir Putin. He still has not said one bad thing about Putin. After one of his private meetings with Putin, he collected all the notes and instructed all the interpreters to keep silent. We need another whistle blower. I suspect that if we knew what was said at that meeting, we would have another reason to impeach Trump.

Preserve democracy. Make America Trumpless again.

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