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I recently saw a quote from Native Americans that said that we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We hold the earth as their inheritance – they live downstream from us.

We have allowed, somehow the leadership in this country to be in the hands of people who so obviously could care less about the world we leave our children. Trump and his handpicked climate change deniers eliminate environmental regulations in favor of oil, coal, big business profits. They have eliminated wetlands protections, emasculated the EPA, opened offshore and the Alaska National Wildlife Preserve to oil drilling, along with hundreds of other insults to our oceans and diversity of life on this planet.

We are selling out our children’s right to a healthy environment for short-term profits. We are sitting by and watching this happen. There is no way to address climate change (regardless of the cause) without international agreements and cooperation – not America First.

I recently heard a well known biologist say “anyone who denies climate change – regardless of what you attribute the cause to -- is a moron.” A focus only on ourselves now means all our children’s futures are degraded. It is time for young people to get angry and stand up for their future.

We have about 12 years to make significant change. We need to get the morons out in favor of people who see the urgency of addressing the future of our children. What is more important? Do something.

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