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We have become so tribal in our politics that people actually advocate for a recession and other harm to the country simply to help defeat President Trump. This list includes current candidates running for the office. That tells me they care more about their own ideology and power than they do the very people they want to govern over.

This is not an endorsement of either party but a symptom of a larger issue that is becoming more frequent. So many have allowed themselves to look at everything in a binary way, good versus evil. This type of interaction is tribal and serves no one. It is the same mentality that advocate for the destruction of historical monuments and demonizing our founders because some owned slaves. There was always good and bad in our history so there has been a push to to obscure or rewrite it to suit what we are now comfortable with. This robs the young from learning about our past and the lessons along the way.

The same applies to how we behave towards others that may think differently than us. Instead of discussing these differences and celebrate common ground we simply attack them as if they are our enemy. Social media and news organizations promote this division for ratings. This is not who we are.

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