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I never dreamed I would witness an American President in my own state incite a crowd to a frenzy of hate and anger aimed at American citizens of color who seek to bring the intolerance and inhumane policies of his administration to light.

Trump was incredibly skilled at ginning up the crowd’s anger and disgust with those he wanted them to hate. You would have to watch the skilled dictators of other countries both past and present to see the equal of his eloquence at arousing a crowd to such heights of intolerance and hate.

He had great timing in his sarcasm, his innuendo, and his clear articulation of how they (the other) hate this country because they criticize him. Trump conflates disgust with him with hate for America.

This is a great irony because his whole campaign for President was premised on representing those angry Americans who were dissatisfied with the country. His whole campaign was based on changing America because he was dissatisfied and only he could make it great again.

So now it is unpatriotic to want to change what is happening in America and those who criticize him are unpatriotic and hate America and should be sent back. In other words, they have no place among us because they criticize Trump which is equal to “hating America.”

The kind of hate and intolerance and bigotry on such clear display in Greenville, N.C. bears its own seeds of destruction. Hate and intolerance will fall under its own weight. But it may well bring this country to a very dark place before it does.

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