Impeachment removal decision

President Donald Trump has been impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Let me understand the facts of his character and actions over time.

Trump cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star and then paid her off with an illegal campaign contribution. He paid $25 million to settle the fraud lawsuit against him and his Trump University, closed down his Trump charity fund and paid $2 million to donors for defrauding them, described on tape how he assaulted women, bragged about his escapades with women, called the tabloids and said he was someone else, told the border patrol members to ignore the law and shut down the border, insists on loyalty to himself rather than the Constitution, lies numerous times a day, denigrates judges and our intelligence personnel, believes Vladimir Putin’s intelligence service over ours, denies Russia’s proven efforts to interfere with our election, asked two foreign countries to create dirt on a political opponent, refused to turn over any records to Congress, instructed his people to disregard all Congressional subpoenas, and acted like he was on drugs during the national anthem waving his arms and refusing to put his hand over his heart. All the facts I have listed are on video, audiotape, in court records or shown by the facts. Republicans in the Senate, this is your choice for a leader?

The Republicans who voted not to remove him approve of his actions. Trump feels he has done nothing wrong and now knows that he can continue to get away with anything that helps him even if it hurts America. What a sad day. The good news is that we, the citizens, hold the power during an election, not the politicians who approve of Trump’s actions. We must not give Trump another four-year term; we must bring back honesty and respect. Please vote.

Steven Lian


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