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If Morganton keeps pressing the rewind switch they're never going to move forward. The smoke from one controversial fire hardly had time to dissipate when city leaders stoked up another one.

The ongoing controversies of a bloated, disproportionate budget and questionable six figure positions within city government is now unanswered old news. The old nepotism policy was pretty aggressive and whether or not it worked to the benefit of the city is really a matter of opinion. It didn't affect me either way. It does make me and others wonder why that policy suddenly became a front and center issue almost out of the blue. The timing really makes you wonder.

The average hard working city resident lost their voice on the city council long ago. It's been business as usual for the past 33 years. Most of our children now have families of their own. Voter apathy in Morganton is unprecedented. If we don't take a stand Morganton's standard policy of spend, spend, spend will destroy us.

There are some exciting new faces vying for open council seats. We all need to take this into consideration. Talk to them. Ask questions and demand answers. Make informed decisions. Together we can return to sound, common sense true representative government that all Morganton residents will benefit from. Just saying. Thanks for reading.

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