Cultural differences..

Mind over matter and none of this matters!

You lose credibility when your bias is on display. This is not about Trump repeating what his team told him. Good leaders do that. A weaponized media just can't stay focused. #fakenews

Best President ever! Best policies. Best transparency.

Have we conducted any widespread random antibody testing to determine how widespread our infects are? This small number of 119 is very misleading to the public. There's many more is the studies are to be believed. Any schedule for testing?

The local lowlifes... Accountability!

People here illegally are not entitled to and do not deserve assistance from US taxpayers. They shouldn't be here to begin with. This is a non-starter. You can call them undocumented all you want. They're still here illegally. They should go home and then if they want to try to legally en…

The state is incented to keep it open. The general fund in the state budget depends upon the flow of revenue from the lottery. Poor people pour money they don't have into it in the impossible hope for a jackpot.. Sad, but true. It continues on despite everything..

Lots of marketing in this post.. We should stop supporting WHO, IMF, and the UN!

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